Sanitizing Surfaces

Preventative Maintenance using Chemco Cleaning Products

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Board Bright Cutting Board Cleaner

Dont buy a new one-Clean it instead

How to Bring Your Old Board Back to New 1. Place board across empty three-compartment sink. 2. Rinse loose particles from board. 3. Squeeze Board Bright directly onto board, spreading evenly over entire surface with a paper towel. 4. Let stand 15-20 minutes. 5. If necessary, scrub with a Scotch-Brite® pad. 6. Rinse thoroughly. 7. Spray with Chemcocide 1000 Sanitizer and air dry.


Ice Machines

Clean & Sanitize Ice Machines Regularly

Clean & Sanitize Ice Machines Regularly 1. Ice machines should be cleaned & sanitized on average every 3 months — or more in some cases. 2. You can save an average of $200-$300 per cleaning by cleaning it yourself, rather than paying for a service. 3. A clean machine will run longer and more efficiently, saving on replacement & energy costs. 4. Use THE INHIBITOR to greatly reduce the amount of mold in your ice machine. It works all day, every day, for three full months. Q: Will Icy Clean work on machines not requiring a Nickel-safe formula? A. Yes, ICY CLEAN Nickel-safe Formula works on ALL brands of Subway® Ice Machines. Q: Where Do I Find Cleaning & Sanitizing Instructions for My Model? A. If you still have the Owners Manual, look in the cleaning and sanitizing section. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer for instructions specific to your model.

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Oven Cleaning

Clean Ovens Daily

1. Daily cleaning is quick & easy. 2. Cleaning daily prevents build-up from becoming a bigger problem than it needs to be. 3. SUBWAY® OVEN CLEANER has been tested & approved by all Subway® oven manufacturer. 4. Using an unapproved product can void your warranty and could cost you thousands in replacement costs. 5. To reduce cleaning time and create a barrier between food by-products & oven walls, use CHEMCO OVEN SHIELD after each cleaning.